Profesional Bachelor: Network and Multimedia Engineering

In the pursuit of our mission, and to fulfill the needs and expectations of the program's constituencies, the department developed Program Educational Objectives, which are the following:
Graduates will demonstrate general technical knowledge, expertise, and leadership in the analysis, design, maintenance, evaluation, improvement, and innovation for contemporary problem solving in the field of information and communications technologies. Graduates will demonstrate a commitment to teamwork and a capability to lead and engage diverse teams through effective communication, interpersonal, entrepreneurial, and project management skills Graduates will demonstrate ethical engagement in the advancement of the engineering profession, by contributing to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals for the benefit of society in the environmental, economic, and societal dimensions. Graduates will demonstrate a strong commitment to pursuing life-long learning, research, and ongoing professional development opportunities.


The Multimedia and Networks option provides students with skills that enable them to manage projects in Networking and in the design and development of multimedia applications.
In particular, students will be able to create and process Multimedia Content, Audio-Visual production, Websites, Mobile apps, Image processing, Computer vision, Computer graphics, Extended realities, Animations, as well as modelling and programming 2D and 3D video games.
Upon the completion of the Multimedia and Networks option program, the student will be able to fill the following positions: Interactive systems specialist; Network engineer; Multimedia design engineer; UX-UI designer; Product developer; Multimedia project manager leading a team in liaison with animators, programmers, writers, video producers, sound engineers, and artists.

Required level:



02 years


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  • A photocopy of the birth certificate
  • A photocopy of the Baccalaureate or GCE A / L or transcripts
  • 5000 FCFA of orientation test fee / file review
  • 01 fact sheet to be completed when files are submitted (See establishment or Internet)
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