HND 2023 exam results in full. Exclusive to IUSTY

Minister of Higher Education hereby announces:: The candidates, whose names appear below in order of merit, have been declared successful in the 2023 session of the Higher National Diploma (HND) Examination, in the fields of study, Specialties and Options indicated hereafter. Click on a specialty to download the results.

Accountancy ; Accounting and Finance ;Air Conditioning and refrigeration ; Agro-Pastoral and Entrepreneurship  ;  Agro-Forestry and Forest Management  ;  Agricultural Production Technology ; Automotive Maintenance and Services ; Agro-Pastoral Adviser ; Applied Geology ;  Animal Production and Technology  ;  Assistant Manager  ;  Biological and Biochemical Analysis ; Building Construction and Rural Road  ; Banking and Finance ; Bakery and Food Processing  ;  Chemical Manufacturing  ;  Boiler Making and Welding  ;  Building Science and Technology  ;  Civil engineering Technology ; Chemical Manufacturing  ; Corporate Communication ; Crop Production Technology ;  Computer Sciences and Network ;  Customs and Transit  ;  Computer Graphics and Web Design  ;  Data Base Management ; Didactics, Curriculum Development and Teaching  ;  Dental Therapy  ;  E-Commerce and Digital Marketing  ;  Environnemental Impact Assessment ; Education Management and Administration  ;   Electrical Power Systems  ;  Fashion, Clothing and textiles  ;  Food Technology  ;  Full Stack Development  ;  Health Care Management ; Hotel Management and Cartering     ;     Human Resource Management ;    Hardware Maintenance ; Industrial Computing and Automation  ;  Insurance  ;  International Trade  ;  Information Systems Management   ; Joinery and CabinetMaking  ;  Journalism ; Legal Assistant  ;  Local Government Administration  ;  Logistics and Transport Management  ;  Mechanical Construction  ;   Mechanical Manufacturing  ;  Metal Construction  ;  Midwifery  ;   Medical Imaging Technology ;    Medical Laboratory Sciences ; Marketing-Trade-Sale  ; Nutrition and Dietetics ; Networks and Security ;  Optician/Clinical Optometry  ;  Petrochemical Engineering  ;  Pharmacy Technology  ; Physiotherapy  ;  Petroleum Logistics  ;  Project Management  ;  Petroleum System and exploitation ;   Port Shipping Management  ;  Quarries Operations  ;     Road and Civil Engineering ;     Special Education ;     Supply of Potable Water and Hydroagricultural Arrangement ;     Software Engineering ;     Tourism and travel Agency mangement ;     Telecommunication ;     Topography ;     Ultrasonography ;     Urban Planning.

IUSTY has, of course, recorded very good results in this 2023 session, with a number of national majors. As a reminder, IUSTY offers HND - BTS - LICENCE - MASTER courses in the various specialities listed above. With its three campuses in Yaoundé (Campus C Omnisport and Campuses B and C Nyom via the Messassi dispensary), IUSTY guarantees hassle-free studies and jobs. What's more, transport is free for all students to and from school every day. And tuition remains as low as possible, with excellent results as always. Enrolments are continuing at this very moment for bachelor's and master's degrees in day courses and evening courses for the Aglophone and Francophone sections.