The new 2023-2024 student delegates are know

IUSTY students have their delegate couple for the Avenir year.

The University Institute of Science and Technology of Yaounde functions as a democratic system of education where students have the right to forward their problems to the administration by mediators known as delegates.
At the end of a major campaign that pitted several lists against each other, the omnisport and Nyom campuses vibrated to the rhythm of a clash of ideas between the candidates vying for the post of 2023-2024 delegate.
Delegates are voted students by students and adminitration. It is delegates a bilingual couple of two persons, boy and girl with one of them coming from the french section and the other one coming from the english section.
On december 4, 2023, the elections where launched and controled by the CEO himself. Inorder to avoid electoral malpratices or favoritism and this year the wining group of delegates was Mr. NDJOCK Julien, a level III student in Agronomie and Mrs NGAMBE MANI grâce of Petroleum. All together, they had many aims for the academic year in spost, cultural and cultural and education al domain but with the main aim who later on became a slogan ; ‘’ BRINGING STUDENTS DIFFICULTIES TO THE ADMINISTRATION’’. Observation has shown out more than 90% of their electoral aims.
Cliquez ici pour voir la vidéo de la cérémonie